Greater Hartford GNU/Linux Users Group - GHGLUG

Online chat room (IRC Channel)

IRC is a live, text-based chat system organized around dozens of independent networks. Each network may have thousands of channels (chat rooms), each dedicated to a particular topic. Most Linux distros and software projects maintain a dedicated support channel. IRC is an open platform.

Join us in our online chat room: #ghglug on

Using your Browser

You can join using a web browser by going to: Simply enter a nickname. There is no registration required.

Here's an alternative web-based client which doesn't require a captcha (but requires Java):

Using a Dedicated Chat Client

Most general purpose Linux instant messaging clients support the IRC protocol including Empathy, Pidgin and Kopete. However these are not as easy to use as a dedicated IRC client. There are many choices but for a GUI client, try HexChat. If you'd prefer to use a console-based client, Irssi and Weechat are popular choices.

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