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BZFlag Game

BZFlag is a free, open source, multiplayer online, tank game. GHGLUG operates a BZFlag server at on port 55555. To play, first install the bzflag package, then open a terminal and type:


where CALLSIGN is a nickname that will identity you during the game.

The basic controls are:
Mouse: move forward or backward, turn left or right.
Left-click: shoot.
Right-click: target another tank (e.g. for guided missiles).
Tab: jump.
Space bar: drop current flag (can only have one flag at a time).

Gaming times are coordinated via the GHGLUG IRC channel or the group's event calendar.

You can also join the server to practice. In that case you might want to use the "-solo N" option when starting the game to add N number of computer controlled players.

More information can be found on the BZFlag Wiki.

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